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Absurd Art Apes

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The Alpha

We've been around in web3 for a long time, during that time we have learnt that a lot of people don't want to read too much and skip straight to the alpha. Well... we listened, here is the short version.

This is an ART project, ART for ART sake! We have some exciting plans for this project but we just want to manage expectations from the stART!  

By minting and holding Absurd Art Ape NFTs you will gain exclusive access to all of Absurd Art future endeavours including our MAIN PROJECT Absurd Nerd Club where the real ALPHA is. Absurd Nerd Club isn't just an NFT project, its a business, its a business thats been in the making for the last 2 years, this should be ready to launch late 24/ early 25.

6666 NFT tokens based on the Solana blockchain

66 NFTs will be given out before the mint in spaces and on X post givaways to bring in new people and gain brand awareness

4400 NFTs remain to be minted which will be split down into phases

2000 NFTs will also be kept in the Absurd treasury for air drops (Read on and you will find out why)

200 NFTs will be kept in the Absurd treasury for giveaways after mint out to gain new holders, to award critical team members and exceptional members of our community.

Phase 1 - EA-WL v1 - 800 NFTs - Early access community members will get 2 FREE mints (400 Max people)

Phase 2 - WL v2 - 2000 NFTs - (We are practically giving away the NFTs in this Phase!!!) - Mint will be set at $7.50 in SOL Each. Every 5 you mint you will get 5 FOR FREE, Max 10 mints per wallet. (FREE NFTS will be air dropped from the Absurd treasury)

Phase 3 - Public v1 - 1600 NFTs - Mint price will be set at $10.50 in SOL

We continue enhancing Absurd brand awareness while collaborating with other projects & building the main project Absurd Nerd Club

After mint out we progress into our weekly giveaways from the Absurd Vault 

Phase 4 - Public v2 - 1000 NFTs - Mint price will be set at $13.50 in SOL until mint out!


We will proceed with full transparency, at least 50% of all mint funds will be kept in the Absurd vault to invest into our Main Project which will be an extremely special one. 

30% of mint funds will be used to pay our team and the left over 20% will be used to reinvest into this project to make it even more special for our incredible community members

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A production by Absurd Art ™

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