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Absurd Art Apes

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The founding Nerd


IRL - a Business development manager, Freelance designer and Entrepreneur.

In the world of Web3, I'm your friendly neighbourhood NFT enthusiast and community member. Often seen exploring different platforms, I love art and support various projects across different blockchains. Like everyone else, I've had my ups and downs in Crypto and the NFT world. But through it all, I've made some great friends and learned a lot from the community every day.

The Artist

Since the tender age where my hands first clasped a pencil, art has been my compass. Inspired by my father's creative spirit, my childhood was filled with dreams painted in the vibrant hues of passion for art. I vividly recall the hours spent in front of the television, mesmerized by cartoons, as a young voice within me whispered aspirations of becoming a cartoonist. Stumbling upon the web3 universe through the enchanting worlds of crypto and a certain bored ape opened a portal to a realm where my dreams began to take shape, breathing life into my childhood aspirations.

Absurd Nerd Club

My odyssey into crypto began four years ago amidst the exhilarating waves of a bull run. The art of charting and trading unfurled before me, revealing a path paved with promising gains and a fascination with decentralization. This path inevitably led me to the doorstep of NFTs, where a cartoonish, bored-looking ape caught my eye and catapulted me headfirst down a rabbit hole of inspiration. This epiphany sparked the creation of my own endeavor within web3, the Aburd Nerd Club - a project with a vision to leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

Eighteen months of relentless passion and dedication have been poured into the Aburd Nerd Club, underpinned by a business plan poised to revolutionize our digital space.

A Valuable leason

The journey wasn't solitary. Along the way, I found my tribe - a circle of like-minded Individuals. An encounter within this circle led me to collaborate on an art collection, a chance to etch my artistic signature onto the blockchain, furthering my brand. Despite an initial deposit and a flurry of enthusiasm, the project's momentum waned, leaving me in a state of unease. Efforts to reinvigorate the project were met with silence, and eventually, a decision to part ways unveiled a silver lining - a liberation from a weight that had unknowingly burdened me. This experience taught me a valuable lesson: the importance of surrounding oneself with genuine, supportive individuals, both in the realms of web3 and IRL.


In this digital tapestry we call home, my narrative weaves through the threads of creativity, perseverance, and community. Each lesson, a stitch in the fabric of my journey; each friendship, a color in the vast mural of experiences. As Skeets, your neighbor in the boundless world of web3 and NFTs, I stand at the crossroads of art and technology, ready to embark on the next chapter of this extraordinary adventure.

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